Fly protection is front of mind for any equestrian this time of year. Whether in the pasture, on a trail, or in the show ring, keeping the pesky flies away is a never-ending job. While there are countless solutions available, some can have harmful side effects on the environment. We’d like to highlight some eco-friendly alternatives that will keep your horse safe from insects, and the environment safe too.

Topical Defense

Fly sprays are a must-have in all barns. They can be applied directly to your horse, and some can even protect facility perimeters, reducing the number of insects around the barn. Many fly sprays contain insecticides, which certainly work well. But these sprays can be toxic to other organisms and the environment. Therefore, many companies have developed natural alternatives.

Pyranha Zero Bite eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

Pyranha is one of the leaders in the fly spray market, and their natural alternative is no different. Pyranha Zero Bite is a natural fly spray that contains ingredients such as geraniol, clove, and peppermint. This combination provides bug-fighting power naturally. This fast-acting defense can also be used on small animals and pets.

EquiShield FG Fly Guard Roll On eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

EquiShield FG Fly Guard Roll On from Kinetic Vet is another eco-friendly repellent. This one is an excellent option for delicate areas such as the face. Its easy roll-on applicator helps you protect targeted areas. The formula contains citronella oil, cedarwood oil, and peppermint oil to repel ticks, flies, mosquitos, and gnats.

Coverage Defense

Fly sheets are an excellent option for defense during turnout or for horses that live outside. Rather than worry about reapplying fly sprays, these lightweight sheets offer full-body continual protection.

Horseware Ireland Amigo AmECO Bug Buster eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

The Amigo AmECO Bug Buster from Horseware Ireland is a unique option made from recycled materials. It is great for your horse and the environment! This breathable fly sheet comes with a detachable hood, dual leg arches, extended belly coverage, and an extra-long tail flap.

Horseware Ireland Amigo AmECO Combi Sheet eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

Similarly, the Amigo AmECO Combi Sheet is an eco-friendly fly sheet also made from recycled materials. But this “combo” sheet offers additional protection against the sun and summer showers. With its detachable hood, showerproof lining, and UV protection this is the ultimate fly sheet, so you don’t have to worry about rain rot, sun bleach, or flies this summer.

Defend from Within

In addition to topicals and protectors, you can help reduce the number of insects attracted to your horse through the use of supplements. Certain ingredients work to repel the pests from within.

Redmond Rock Crushed Salt with Garlic eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

Redmond Rock Crushed Salt with Garlic is one such supplement. Garlic helps repel flies as well as provides healing benefits. This supplement helps stop bites and stings from pests that could turn into painful sores. And with over 60 trace minerals and electrolytes, this supplement supports better health and hydration, making it beneficial all around during the hot summer months.

Manna Pro Nature's Force Bug Clear eco-friendly fly protection at FarmVet

Nature’s Force Bug Clear from Manna Pro also works to repel flies and additionally promotes healthy skin and a healthy inflammatory response. It is made with garlic, turmeric, grape seed oil, thiamin, and niacin to keep your horse’s coat healthy, bright, and fly-free.

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