The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and winter blankets are getting packed away. Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to prepare for the next season. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, but the hot weather may require some extra action to keep our horses safe and comfortable. Here are a few things you should have on hand this summer.

Hydration Helpers

Electrolytes are a must-have as the weather warms up. Not only will they ensure your horse stays hydrated, but they will also aid in recovery and replace vital nutrients lost through sweat.

Durvet DuraLyte EQ Electrolyte Paste for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

DuraLyte EQ Electrolyte Paste from Durvet is an excellent option to keep on hand to help rehydrate your horse. Whether they’re sweating from the weather, exercise, or travel, this paste will help replenish electrolytes and any other nutrients lost. It also encourages your horse to drink more water, further replenishing hydration. The easy-to-administer packaging and tasty apple flavor make this the perfect option to have on hand.

Gallagher's Water for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

If you notice your horse isn’t drinking as much as it should, consider adding Gallagher’s Water to the routine. This hydration beverage from Equestribev LLC enhances the flavor of water, encouraging your horse to drink. This can be especially helpful during travel or at shows when the water tastes different than what your horse is accustomed to.

Keep Cool and Carry On

Proper cool-down becomes even more vital in the heat of the summer. Ice your horse’s legs after workouts to help their tendons and ligaments return to normal temperature. This will keep your horse comfortable and keep their legs less prone to injury as well.

Professional's Choice Ice Boots for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

These Professional’s Choice Ice Boots offer a simple solution for your icing needs. The one-step process makes them easy to use, while the high-quality design provides better distribution and longer-lasting cold therapy. Use them on the front or hind legs to counteract the heat.

EquiSources Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

To help your horse’s core body temperature recover after exercise, travel, or hot weather, we recommend the Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit from EquiSources. This portable wrap is made of absorbent material that pulls heat away from your horse’s body while providing a cooling effect. It wraps comfortably around your horse’s neck and even has straps to attach to your tack so you can use it while you walk out your horse.

Sunny Day Essentials

Just like humans, our horses can pay the price of a little too much sun exposure. Protection with sunscreen is important for them too!

Kinetic Vet EquiShield SB for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

EquiShield SB from Kinetic Vet provides SPF 30 protection for your horse’s skin. This topical ointment formulated specifically for horses contains zinc oxide to help block out UV rays and prevent sunburn. It is perfect for white faces or pink noses that are sensitive to the summer sun.

Healthy Haircare Products Sunflower Suncoat for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

For UV protection on the rest of their body, manes, and tails, use Sunflower Suncoat from Healthy Haircare Products. It will also condition their skin and coat to avoid drying out from sun exposure.

Cheval International Black-As-Knight for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

If your horse is mostly on turnout in the summer, their coat may become dull, losing its lustrous shine and rich color due to the sun’s bleaching effects. Cheval International’s Black-As-Knight, Gold-As-Sun, and Red D-Vinity enhance the color of your horse’s coat. Use this as fade protection year-round or as needed in the summer months.

Rider Gear

Don’t let the hot summer days keep you from spending quality time with your horse!

Kastel Denmark Long Sleeve Sun Shirt for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

This Long Sleeve Sun Shirt from Kastel Denmark will keep you cool and protect you from the sun while you’re riding, showing, or just hanging out with your horse. This shirt stays fresh and feels great to ride in thanks to the mesh-lined sleeves and performance fabric. Plus, UPF 30 protection means your skin is safe from the sun’s UV rays.

EquiVisor Jute Helmet Visor for Horses in Summer available at FarmVet

For your face, the EquiVisor® Jute Helmet Visor provides sun protection and shade with a head-turning style. This visor features a four-inch brim that tapers nicely to protect your skin, ears, and face. It fits easily over your helmet and securely stays in place throughout your ride. It’s also available in black, navy and some glitz “glitter” options.

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