The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is the National Governing Body for equestrian activities and competitions. USEF recently published the 2024 Rulebook which includes a number of rule changes and updates, including many topics from helmets and attire to lunging and equitation. One of these rule changes involves displaying show numbers, which we’ll discuss more in this blog.

What is HJ106.2?

Along with other specifications, this rule now defines that all horses in the schooling ring, warm-up ring, exercise areas, or lunging areas “must have its show number attached to the horse or the individual riding or handling. Any horse without its correct number will be asked to leave the area.” This rule will help officials easily identify horses in order to improve the monitoring of horses and people’s well-being at USEF events. You can read about this rule in more detail here.

While this is a simple rule, it does pose a new challenge – how do you keep your number in show condition all show long? Or perhaps most importantly… how do you avoid losing it? We have a few simple solutions for this new rule.

Wear Your Number Without Wearing Your Number

The solution to keeping your number in good condition and not losing it is simple – don’t use it! Instead, opt for a reusable number option.

Ace Equestrian Pro4mance # I.D. Show Numbers to use at USEF shows available at FarmVet

The Pro4mance # I.D. Show Numbers from Ace Equestrian will keep you prepared on the show grounds and can easily be changed to any horse’s competition number. Easily attach these show numbers to halters, bridles, martingales, saddle pads, blankets, or even your handler’s belt loop or backpack. Plus, the protective case keeps your numbers from getting lost or destroyed during bad weather.

Equi-Essentials 4 Pocket Competition Numbers to use at USEF shows available at FarmVet

Another option is these 4-Pocket Competition Numbers from Equi-Essentials. Elastic straps make these easy to attach to bridles or breastplates so you can save your show number for the show pen.

Stay In The Know

For a comprehensive list of the most recently updated rules, refer to the 2024 USEF Rule Book here. For a summary of the 2024 rule changes, check out the USHJA guide here.

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