Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we think it’s important to remember all of the people and animals you love during the day of celebration. If you’re still trying to figure out the perfect way to celebrate with your horse, we have some ideas to make your horse feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

Quality Time = Grooming Time

Did you know grooming is good for your horse in more ways than just keeping them clean? Grooming can actually help relieve stress, as well as massage and loosen tight muscles. It is also good bonding time between you and your horse. Some might even say grooming is a horse’s “love language”. So, what better way to show your love for your Valentine than with an extra special grooming session.

Epona Love Nubs Massage Groomer for Valentine's Day Gifts available at FarmVet

The Epona Love Nubs Massage Groomer is one of our favorites this time of year, and all year long. It helps easily remove dirt, mud, and loose hair, but also provides massaging benefits and soothes skin. Your horse will love getting groomed with this curry alternative.

Switch Up Your Riding Routine

Sometimes, we just need a little break from the routine. This can help us come back feeling rejuvenated and excited about the things that otherwise might feel mundane. The same can be true for your horse. Switching up your riding routine can help give them a little mental break while still getting their daily exercise. This is the perfect way to show them some extra love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day without sacrificing your ride. If you’re usually spending time in the arena fine-tuning your show skills, consider dialing it back for a nice trail ride instead. You will get quality time together and a little getaway from the usual routine to make Valentine’s Day feel extra special.

Valentine’s Therapy Session

While we might lovingly say our horses are our therapy, they deserve their own version of therapy too. This truly is the peak of “spoiling” you can provide your horse this Valentine’s Day. This could be anything from PEMF, laser or light, or even an ice therapy session to help your horse relax, recover, and feel their absolute best. We recommend reading our blog here to learn more about the different types of therapy and which modality to choose for your horse.

Show them some love with Stall Toys

Stall toys are a great option if you’re looking to spoil your horse with a gift that will last beyond the holiday. Especially during the winter, these toys can help add a bit of excitement to their day and break up some of that winter stall boredom.

The Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball is a favorite for horses both in their stalls or in the field. This durable toy holds up against punctures and bites so your horse can have fun and you can rest assured it will last.

Treats, Treats, and More Treats

Need we say any more? Treats will always and forever be one of our favorite (and our horses’ favorite) ways to show a little extra love. And Valentine’s Day is no different!

The German Horse Muffin Horse Treats for Valentine's Day gifts available at FarmVet

These German Horse Muffin Horse Treats are a delectable treat by Equus Magnificus filled with nutritious vitamins and minerals. The delicious molasses flavor makes these irresistible treats a must-have on Valentine’s Day and every day!

Likit Granola Stall Ball for Valentine's Day Gift for your Horse available at FarmVet

If you’re looking for a long-lasting treat option, check out the Likit Granola Stall Ball. The hard round granola treat provides hours of fun for your horse and stimulates salivation, which helps buffer stomach acid.

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