Horses in strenuous work or actively competing often develop muscular and soft tissue pain over a lengthened period of time. When not treated correctly, these types of repetitive exercise can produce sore muscles, swollen legs, or painful joints. Cavalor’s FreeBute products provide an “effective natural” tool to help alleviate your horse’s soreness and pain. Their new FreeBute Gel is a topical gel product specially formulated to help soothe and cool your horse’s muscles, joints, and tendons after a hard workout.

Freebute by Cavalor

Caring for Muscles During Strenuous Work

When applied at least 1.5 hours prior to a ride, FreeBute gel can help loosen the muscles and prepare the horse for a more productive training session. After a hard ride, the horse’s body produces natural toxins that can lead to stiffness and soreness. In this case, FreeBute Gel can help the body eliminate these toxins and aid in the horse’s recovery process.

FreeBute’s soothing formula is cool upon application, then produces a gentle warming sensation to help address the source of pain. Hydrogel technology penetrates quickly and works deep into the skin, muscles, and tissues. This topical contains natural essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Tea Tree, to help relax, cool, and soothe your horse’s sore areas without the use of prohibited substances*, making it appropriate for use on competition horses. Added antiseptic properties make this product suitable for helping to treat infections and wounds as well.

FreeBute Gel, as well as a range of other Cavalor supplements and supplies, can be found at our online store. Visit their brand page on our website to see our full selection of Cavalor health care products.

*Always check with your respective governing body regarding the use of this, or any, product during competition.

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