Most of us have heard the phrase “going green” before. The term has been around for decades, but only in the past few years has the movement truly become a household mission. Recently, you might have received a paper straw instead of a plastic straw at your local restaurant. Or maybe you’ve noticed more recycling bins on the streets around your neighborhood. While efforts to be environmentally-friendly are constantly changing, the good intentions stay the same.

Whatever the term “going green” means to your lifestyle, any effort to help our environment certainly connotates a positive change. Right now, multitudes of businesses are taking the opportunity to make these sustainable changes. FarmVet is incredibly proud to be one of these businesses.

FarmVet’s Reusable Tote Bags

FarmVet has taken New York and California’s ban on plastic bags as an opportunity to launch our own reusable tote bag. This launch will be a “Free Gift With Purchase” campaign to encourage the use of reusable bags and to help reduce single-use plastics.

The official launch will be at the 2019 Hampton Classic on August 25th. In order to receive a bag, you must purchase a Boehringer Ingelheim product from our Mobile Store on the showgrounds. Boehringer Ingelheim products include Ulcergard, Gastrogard, Legend, Zimectrin, Prascend, and more.

After the initial launch, our reusable bags will be available in limited quantities at our Mobile Stores in California and New York. We hope to eventually carry the reusable bags in every one of our Mobile Stores. As you travel around the show circuit, we hope that you will hold on to your reusable bag and let it travel with you. Be sure to bring the bag back to reuse when you shop at our Mobile Store!

Moving Forward

In addition to reusable bags, the FarmVet Marketing Department has also implemented the use of recycled paper and compostable bags. All printed marketing materials including business cards, flyers, and stickers you receive from FarmVet will be made on recycled paper. Lastly, you can expect all bags received from a FarmVet Mobile Store to be compostable.

While there are still changes to be made from FarmVet’s end, we are making a conscious step towards “going green.” We hope that you will support us in our initiative and remember to recycle your flyers and reuse our bags!