During August of 2019, we’re celebrating FarmVet’s 20th anniversary. After 20 years of serving equestrians and horses alike, we’re proud to look back at the impact we have had on the equestrian community and the impact they’ve had on us.

Today, FarmVet’s success is a result of YOU, our loyal customer, throughout the past two decades. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support!

From The Beginning

FarmVet was founded by Christian Currey in August of 1999 and based in Franklin, Tennessee. Christian’s equestrian background and love for both equines and canines inspired him to create the “Walgreen’s for horses” that we know today as FarmVet. By making supplies, supplements, compounds, and pharmaceuticals the foundation of FarmVet, Christian began to promote Horse Health with FarmVet on the horse show circuit.

The Mobile Stores

Christian knew the only way to keep up with the horse show circuit was to travel with it! His idea to create a Mobile Store that would be onsite at major horse shows bolstered FarmVet’s presence in the equestrian industry. FarmVet’s Mobile Stores are to this day still the bread and butter of our company. Our educated employees travel with the Mobile Stores to horse shows across the United States, providing recommendations on products from shampoos to supplements.

During horse shows, crucial supplies and medications often get left behind at the barn in the midst of the packing frenzy. Christian recognized the opportunity for a supplies shop to fill that last minute need for a new hairnet or calming paste. In turn, the FarmVet Mobile Stores continue to be a comforting sight to those who frequent the horse show circuit.

The Brick And Mortar Store

In 2013, Farmvet opened their first brick and mortar retail location in Wellington, Florida. After serving the Wellington community for over a decade during the Winter Equestrian Festival, we were able to fulfill our dream of servicing our equestrian and equine athletes year-round. This store includes a full-scale pharmacy, replete with large and small animal medications and specialized compounding.

As we look to the future there are so many new experiences headed our way, but we can move forward with confidence knowing we get to do what we love every day – support equestrians in putting their Horse’s health first!

FarmVet In The Future

As we look towards our next 20 years as a company, we couldn’t feel more excited about the future. Although we’ve been around the block for a minute, we’re making significant changes so we don’t get stuck in the past!

Moving forward, FarmVet is beginning to make a conscious step towards “going green.” This initiative includes printing all marketing materials on recycled paper and removing plastic from our pharmacy and mobile stores. In turn, we will be replacing plastics and single-use paper with paper bags and reusable bags! We hope this mission will help our company’s carbon footprint, as well as inspire our customers to be environmentally aware.

After two decades of doing business with all types of equestrians, our mission remains the same. At FarmVet, we put the health of your horse and pets above all else! We know your animals are like family, and that’s why we want to treat you AND your animals like family, too.

Celebrate With Us!

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we will be doing a promotion throughout the month of August. When you spend $250, you will receive a $20 gift card. We hope you will spend it on your horse or share it with a friend, and think of us when you do!