As most owners of competitive sport horses know, prescription drug therapies, in conjunction with a quality diet and supplements, are a major factor in keeping our horses feeling and performing their best. At FarmVet, we know that providing your horse with the best products is crucial to their well-being. That’s why we have in-house compounding services and pharmacies located in our Franklin, TN, and Wellington, FL locations. This week, we sat down with our Pharmacist-In-Charge, Susan Morrison, to gain some insider information about compounded Sucralfate.

What Is Sucralfate?

Sucralfate is a locally acting treatment for gastrointestinal ulcers.  It has a local effect directly on ulcers and erosions in the stomach lining. As a result, Sucralfate must be given orally. Once given, it forms a type of “bandage” over the ulcer sites.  This bandage forms a barrier at the site and protects the ulcer from further damage caused by stomach acid.

Q&A with the Pharmacist-In-Charge

Q.1: What is the best way to give your horse Sucralfate?

Answer: To maximize the benefit of this medication, administer Sucralfate to the animal on an empty stomach. Ideally, 1 hour before feeding or 2 hours after. Sucralfate may impair the oral absorption of other medications and nutrients.  This is particularly true for antibiotics and thyroid medications.

Q.2: Why do you recommend compounding Sucralfate?

Answer: Compounding is a simple solution for horse owners who may have difficulty measuring the proper dose or administering the medication to their horse.  By compounding Sucralfate into powders and suspensions, owners can easily measure dosages. In addition, Sucralfate is relatively safe in that side effects in horses are uncommon and even overdosage is unlikely to cause any significant problems.

Q.3: How does FarmVet compound Sucralfate?

Answer: We compound Sulcralfate into 4 different dosage forms to meet your needs. They are flavored to make it more palatable and to make it smell appealing to your horse. We also use apple, molasses, and stevia to sweeten the deal.

  1. Powder 1gm/scoop: 500gm
  2. Powder 8gm/scoop: 480gm Jar OR 1200gm Jar
  3. Suspension 250mg/ml: 960ml

Q.4: What are the typical dosing guidelines for Sucralfate?

Answer: Typical dosing guidelines are 1-2gm/100lb two to four times a day. As always, only your veterinarian can give you a specific dose for your situation.

Q.5: What is the best way to ensure accurate dosing of compounds?

Answer: Powders in jars should be gently turned over to loosen the powder. You do not want to measure if the powder is tightly packed. Level off the powder in the scoop to be more accurate. Suspensions should be gently shaken to evenly disperse the medication.

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