No need to check that list twice; your pets surely made it on the gift list for “nice!” Forget about that time they reared; your horse wants to remind you that this is the season of cheer. Your cat didn’t mean to shred your shirts with his claws; he is patiently waiting under the tree for Santa Paws! When you said you needed to water the tree, your pup thought you wanted him to lift his leg and…

Well, you get the idea! Tis’ the season for giving.

For Your Ho-Ho-Horse

The Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus

Amigo Stable Sheet

Horseware Ireland combines style and warmth into the Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus Blanket. Along with Horseware Ireland’s classic cut, this blanket features a soft fleece collar and a wither pad to prevent rubbing and create comfort. This blanket features Vari-Layer technology, where the bulk of the fill is over the back and hips, which reduces pressure on your horse. This blanket also has a shine enhancing polyester lining and fiberfill for longer lasting heat retention. Available in sizes 72 to 84, so that it can be the perfect gift for any sized horse.

Kelcie’s Treats


Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats have been formulated and designed by lifelong equine professionals. The crunchy, bite-sized nuggets are perfect for quick positive reinforcement and will not fall apart in your pockets. Kelcie’s Treats are made with quality ingredients, manufactured using an extrusion process, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption. Ingredients like turmeric, kelp, and anise all help to promote overall wellness in your horse. These cookies are a healthy and irresistible gift! 

Liquid Titanium Mask

Liquid Titanium Mask

Fenwick’s Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Mask produces calming effects for horses in a natural way. This lightweight, breathable, therapeutic mask works by producing negative ions and Far Infrared Rays. These rays and ions penetrate the horse’s body and activate molecules and body cells that create a varying degree of warmth.

Antimicrobial Body Brush

Body Brush

The Anti-Microbial Horse Body Brush from Vale features a 6in brush with soft, high-quality bristles. Vale’s line of KBF99 products protects against infection from bacteria and surface wounds. The nitrogen molecules in this brush kill 99% of bacteria by rupturing the newly formed cells. Although this brush is tough on bacteria, it is safe and soft enough to use all over your horse’s body. Available in black, blue, burgundy, pink, and purple. 

Gel Compression Tendon Boot

Tendon Boot

EquiFit’s GelCompression Tendon Boots unique design provides cold therapy along with compression, helping reduce your horse’s swelling and inflammation. Unlike other similar products that can be bulky and cumbersome, these boots are lightweight, simple to wash, and easy to store. The GelPaks velcro into the boot’s outer shell while the removable hand pump pushes air into the shell for compression therapy. The GelPaks even remain flexible when frozen to ensure a comfortable fit around the lower leg. GelPaks can also be microwaved to apply heat therapy to the lower leg.

Presents for your Pooch

Sports-Vibe Dog Blanket


The Sportz-Vibe Dog Massage Blanket from Horseware Ireland helps ease soreness and stiffness after long work-outs. It is also great for warming up the muscles of high-performance dogs before an event. This blanket stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation in your dog’s back and hips, in turn reducing and removing toxins. You aren’t the only one who gets sore after a hard workout, so if your dog accompanied you for that long hike or jog, he might be sore too! 

ROAM Ossy Trainers and Deli-Prepped Jerky

Roam Pets Ossy Trainers gifts for pets available at FarmVet

The ROAM Pets Ossy Trainers are delicious bite-sized, low-calorie treats for your dog. Made from free-roaming western cape ostrich, these treats are responsibly sourced and contain limited ingredients for a healthy option that your pet will love, and you will love feeding.

ROAM Deli-Prepped Jerky features free-roaming, deli-prepped meat from animals sustainably sourced in South Africa. Available in flavors such as ostrich, venison, and crocodile, each exotic strip of jerky contains lean protein to improve your dog’s diet while taking them on an exciting journey of flavor. 

La-Z Boy Daisy Cuddler

Daisy Cuddler

The La-Z-Boy Daisy Cuddler features a cozy, round bed that your pet will find comfort in. The Daisy Cuddler is made with a soft chenille inner layer and channeled wall side bolsters for cuddling deep into the bed. Made with a mixture of memory foam and traditional foam, this bed offers comfort for your dog’s pressure points. The Daisy Cuddler has Never-Flat properties that ensure this bed will stay fluffy and supportive through general use.

Tail-Spin Flyer

Tail Spin Flyer

It flies, it floats, it’s flexible! The Booda Tail-Spin Flyer is a fun, durable, interactive fetch toy that will keep your dog entertained in and out of the water. This high-flying toy is soft and gentle on pets’ teeth and gums, making it a safer way to play and exercise with your pup!

Steadfast Canine

Steadfast Canine

Steadfast Canine from Arenus provides joint support and comfort for your dog. With ingredients like biotin, calcium, and vitamin D3, this joint supplement contains everything to help your dog’s joint comfort. These liver-flavored tablets are chewable and appealing even to picky eaters. Available in two sizes, small and large.

For your Fa-La-La Feline

Tippy Kitty Cardboard Scratcher

Tippy Kitty Cardboard Scratcher

Don’t forget a gift for your cat, the Tippy Kitty Cardboard Scratcher is mesmerizing fun that will entertain your cat for hours. This interactive cat toy is complete with two rolling balls and a tippy bottom added feature sure to keep your cat curious and playful.

Sponge Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls

Sponge Soccer Balls are soft and flexible cat toys that are great for both kittens and adult cats. If your cat has a lot of energy then these soccer balls will help entertain them for hours.

Relax & Calm Chews

Relax & Calm

Relax & Calm Chews are chicken liver-flavored chews designed to eliminate your pet’s stress and anxiety. Formulated with L-tryptophan and chamomile, these chews are easy to give in stressful situations. In events like travel, loud noises, prolonged separation, and tension, give your pet a chew. These chews are easy to administer and are sure to taste good while also relaxing your pet.

Laxatone Hairball Remedy

Hairball Remedy

Laxatone Hairball Remedy helps prevent your cat from future hairballs and eliminates current hairballs. Formulated into a delicious, chicken-flavored chewable, Hairball Remedy is a gentle but effective solution. Your cat will be able to pass hairballs in his litter box rather than in a mess on the floor. Laxatone Hairball Remedy includes canola oil, mineral oil, aloe vera gel, and omegas 3 & 6 to soothe your cat’s problem with hairballs. Available in a 60 count bag.



The SleekEZ is a unique tool to remove hair, dirt, and dander from your horses, dogs, and cats. Available in small, medium, and large, this grooming tool is lined with small metal teeth to gently remove shedding hair without tugging or pulling. Hair falls to the grounds instead of getting stuck in the shedder’s teeth, making clean up easy. The SleekEZ can also be used to clean furniture, saddle pads, car seats, carpeting, and other surfaces where your furry friend tends to leave hair behind. It’s the perfect gift for your pet and yourself.

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