From barn to barn, industry professionals talk about the latest and greatest things in equine therapy for our beloved spoiled four-legged athletes. There is heat therapy, cold therapy, magnetic therapy, and so much more. But with all these options, it is hard to know which product will give your horse the results you want. 

FarmVet has compiled a list of 11 therapies that can benefit your 4-legged best friends and a few of their friends next year. 

Therapy For The Whole Barn

Theraplate and Vitafloor help reduce pain and rehab injuries through vibration therapy. They also help with strength training and weight loss. The machine’s small movements push your horse slightly out of balance, causing its muscles to contract and relax to provide therapeutic benefits. It is the perfect option for the whole barn. 

Theraplate Therapy

Pro Series 3-in-1 Blanket by Sports Innovation provides magnetic, massage, and heat therapy. This helps reduce muscle tension and increase circulation in the horse’s body. This blanket delivers therapeutic benefits to horses in training or those struggling with injuries, muscle tension, and arthritis. From your home barn to the show circuit you will be able to provide all the horses with the comforts they need.

For You and Your Friends

Whirlpool Boots by Jack’s Manufacturing Inc. use hydrotherapy to help reduce swelling and aid recovery after injury. The water is aerated to provide a massaging effect for the lower legs and hooves. These boots are handmade with soft yet durable vinyl. They can be adjusted to different water depths and temperatures to suit your horse’s individual needs. 

Whirlpool Boots hydrotherapy

Magnetik 4-Hour Front Stable Boots by Veredus use magnetic therapy to reduce swelling in your horse’s lower legs in 4 hours. The neodymium magnets are around key structures for healing. It can be used after soft tissue injuries to stimulate blood flow without using drugs or invasive procedures. 

Magnetik 4-Hour Front Stable Boots Therapy

Just For You: 

Magnetic Blanket by Professional’s Choice provides therapeutic circulation and anti-inflammatory benefits for horses in a lightweight mesh blanket. The magnetic blanket is made of a light mesh with strategically placed magnets in acupressure points to help stop pain.   

Magnetic Blanket Therapy

Six Pocket Ice Boot by Professional’s Choice offers cold therapeutic relief from just below your horse’s hock to their pastern. The six-pocket ice boot features elastic pockets to introduce cold circulation as the ice melts gradually. These are easy to apply post-workout, making it easy to clean your tack while you ice your horse’s legs.  

Six Pocket Ice Boot Therapy

Back On Track Mesh Sheet provides a combination of breathable mesh with innovative Welltex technology to relieve tension and sore muscles in the shoulders, back, and haunches of a horse. The mesh sheet is ideal for post-exercise recovery as the ceramic-embedded fibers work with the horse’s body heat to provide a soothing infrared effect. 

Circulation Hoof Socks by Incrediwear’s uses innovative human therapy technology to create a product that supports your horse’s hoof health and helps improve performance. This design works to increase circulation to the hoof, which can help reduce inflammation and prevent injury. These versatile socks are perfect for helping alleviate pain and soreness associated with conditions including laminitis, navicular and pastern injuries, and deep digital flexor tendon lesions. 

Circulation Hoof Socks Therapy

Back on Track Polo Wraps provide therapeutic support and protection to the horse’s legs during training and exercise. The unique Welltex material, embedded with ceramic powder, creates soothing warmth while reducing swelling and inflammation. 

Back on Track Polo Wraps Therapy

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