The better your horse feels, the better your ride can be. You know this, so, you’re well versed in the different therapy types available before or after your rides. You’ve exhausted your efforts of massage, ice, heat, wraps, poultices, and more. But of course, as the incredible horse owner you are, you’re always on the lookout for any additional or new beneficial treatments for your horse. The next step for you could be utilizing therapies during your ride! Various types of technologies aid with circulation, breathing, anxiety, and tight muscles during your ride, instead of just treating before or after. These options keep your horse feeling its best during workouts and might even shorten the list of things they might need for recovery.

Therapy for Their Legs

Incrediwear Circulation Exercise Bandages for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

Incrediwear Circulation Exercise Bandages are made with human athletic-wear technology to provide the highest level of support and protection for your horse’s legs. But more than that, these bandages contain germanium and carbon embedded in the fibers to increase blood flow. Combined with the compression provided by the wraps, the improved circulation helps reduce inflammation and lower the risk of injury. You can also wet the bandages after your ride to provide cold therapy, helping those tendons cool down and recover as fast as possible!

Professional's Choice Magnetic Bell Boots for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

Magnets are used in many post-workout or overnight therapies but are often not intended for during rides. That is, until now. The Professional’s Choice Magnetic Bell Boots harness the therapeutic effects of magnets to relieve inflammation and increase circulation in your horse’s hooves. These bell boots are constructed of durable nylon that will hold up through any intense workouts or rocky trail rides while providing the same protection you always expect from your bell boots. If your horse tends to get a little stiff in the lower limbs after rides, try adding these bell boots to your tack trunk.

Therapy for Their Body

Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium Mask for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

Fenwick Equestrian utilized the healing powers of liquid titanium to develop their line of therapy equipment. Though the mechanisms are similar, the benefits of each of their creations vary. The liquid titanium material produces negative ions and far-infrared rays that stimulate blood flow. This Liquid Titanium Mask is a breathable, lightweight mask that increases blood flow around the face, producing a natural calming effect for horses. If you’re looking for an addition or alternative to supplements for your anxious horse, try this for your next ride. Also, check out the Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Ear Plugs which have similar effects as the mask.

Fenwick Equestrian's Therapeutic Quarter Sheet for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

The Therapeutic Quarter Sheet also provides calming effects but improves blood flow throughout the rest of the body. This quarter sheet can be worn during your rides to reduce stiff and sore joints and muscles. It also reduces lactic acid build-up from the workout. Check out the rest of the Liquid Titanium products from Fenwick Equestrian here.

Sore No More Ultra Liniment for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

Liniment might already be a part of your post-ride routine for your horse, but a few liniments can be used during your ride as well. Sore No More Ultra Liniment is a great option for horses that come out a bit stiff before their warmups, or that are perhaps rehabbing from an injury. This liniment reduces deep muscle and soft tissue discomfort and can be safely applied under your tack.

Flair Nasal Strips for therapy to ride in available at FarmVet

If you know your horse feels great physically but seems to get winded during your rides, try using Flair Nasal Strips. When a horse breathes heavily, the soft tissues of the nasal passages get sucked in with each breath. This reduces the airway diameter, restricting the airflow. The nasal strips reduce that resistance and restore the airway diameter to allow proper airflow for just when your horse needs it the most!

Therapy for You

The Infused Equestrian Roller Blends

Oops! You were so busy taking care of your horse that you forgot about yourself (again)! The Infused Equestrian Roller Blends are here to help you – the rider – tackle your big events. After all, you only perform at your best as a team. Now that your horse is feeling great, it’s time for you to be at your best too! Try this variety of blends to improve your focus, relieve rider aches and pains, soothe stomach pains, or boost energy and alertness after a long week at the show.

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We are lucky that there are so many options available to provide the best care to our horses. If you want to learn about other therapy options for pre and post-ride, read about 11 types to try HERE!

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