Today’s advancements in medicine extend far past human technologies. For most equestrians, treatments and therapies for their horses are just as (if not more) important than themselves. Trainers and industry professionals across the country have one thing in common – keeping up with the best therapies available for their program. Whether it is warming up before rides, recovering after workouts, or rehabbing injuries, the options can seem never-ending. These therapy products are running the show, however, as the most popular, highest-rated, and best sellers at FarmVet.

Sport Innovations

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF, is a therapy technique that assists in injury recovery, pain management, and overall health upkeep. This therapy increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles and joints throughout the body, thus speeding up healing and recovery.

Sport Innovations Pro Series 3-in-1 Blanket for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

The Sport Innovations Pro Series 3-in-1 Blanket is a one-of-a-kind product that offers more than just PEMF therapy – it also includes heat and massage therapy! This blanket has become one of the most highly sought-after PEMF therapy options among equine professionals.

Sport Innovations MagPro Plus Blanket for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

Additionally, Sport Innovations has the MagPro Plus Blanket, which provides PEMF and heat without the massage. Either therapy blanket is an excellent option to keep your horse supple, fit, and ready to perform. Furthermore, you shop for leg wraps, canine PEMF therapy products, and bundling options here.


Like PEMF, Theraplates also increase circulation leading to many more health benefits. As the plate vibrates, it creates minor muscle contractions then release for your horse to maintain balance. This helps the muscles relax, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, and much more.

Theraplate for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

The Theraplate is available in different sizes to fit your needs, with ramps and rails available for a complete setup.

For a compact setup option, check out VitaFloor VMC and VMC Advanced.

E3 Equine Nebulizer

Flexineb E3 Equine Nebulizer for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

The Flexineb E3 Equine Nebulizer helps alleviate respiratory problems via aerosolized medications and natural therapies. Like humans, horses can experience respiratory conditions that often get exasperated by seasonal changes, frequent travel, or allergies. This portable equine nebulizer aerosolizes medications that then get inhaled by your horse through the mask, providing a fast, safe, and effective transfer of medication. This portable mask is easy to use, earning a spot in barns with equine professionals throughout the industry.

Solarium System

Vitafloor Q-Line MeRcuRR Equine Solarium for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

Vitafloor’s Solarium Systems have been increasing in popularity and for good reason. At a base level, the Q-Line MeRcuRR Equine Solarium provides an advanced warm-up option for your horse. It utilizes infrared heat to stimulate circulation and support healing. Reduced warm-up times before exercise can be especially beneficial in cold winter climates, while infrared light therapy provides healing benefits to the whole horse.

Vitafloor Q-Line MaXuSS Thera Equine Solarium System for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

With a few other options in between, the most advanced Solarium from Vitafloor is the Q-Line MaXuSS Thera Equine Solarium System. It combines infrared, UV, and LED RGB Light therapy all in one system, offering maximum therapeutic benefits and speeding up your horse’s recovery and rehabilitation. Along with many other benefits from this therapeutic light therapy, most notable perhaps is the reduced muscle stiffness and pain via help dispersed lactic acid and improved Vitamin D3 production. This system comes highly recommended for any barn’s therapy program!

Centurion Boreas

Centurion Boreas for Equine Therapy treatments available at FarmVet

Icing therapy is a technique as old as time. And for one reason – it works. The new Centurion Boreas is the latest in cold compression therapy. This machine combines ice with therapeutic compression to assist in post-workout therapy, injury prevention, sprains, strains, cellulitis, tendonitis, bowed tendons, and more. The ice lowers the temperature of the injured tissue, decreasing its metabolic rate and preserving the tissue, while compression increases the external pressure on the tissue to relieve internal swelling.

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