The New Year is here! Let’s put our best foot forward and try to make this the best year for you and your horse.

1. More Time Riding

It is hard to balance life’s responsibilities and still make time to get to the barn every day to ride. This year, strive to add one extra ride a week to your schedule. It will make you and your horse happier and healthier. But let’s do our extra rides in style!

Walsh Front Sport Boots at FarmVet

Walsh Front Sport Boots provides style and protection for your extra weekly ride. These boots are suitable for everyday use but elegant enough for competitions too.

FarmVet All Purpose Saddle Pad

FarmVet Saddle Pad is the all-purpose pad to show off where you get all of your favorite items. The sleek white saddle pad has foam and polyester fill to provide comfort for your horse.

Ecogold CoolFit Hunter Pad at FarmVet

Ecogold CoolFit Hunter Pad provides a classic style while keeping your horse from sweating any time of year. This pad allows air to circulate through the foam to help keep you from having to wait for your horse to dry this winter.

2. More Time With Your Horse

We ride because we love horses, so this year, focus on the time you spend with your horse. Whether it is grooming, hand grazing, or hands-on therapies, it is all valuable time that will help you de-stress in the new year (which we could all use). 

Haas Lipazanier Brush at FarmVet

Haas Lipizzaner Brush will be your favorite brush to use at the end of your grooming routine. It is designed with bristles of different lengths to make your horse dust-free before you tuck them into their warm stall.

Walsh FarmVet Halter

FarmVet Heritage Halter will provide you style and safety while hand grazing your horse. Designed by Walsh just for FarmVet, the Heritage Halter features high-quality Havana brown leather, double-stitched white thread, and all brass hardware. It’s an instant classic you will love in and out of the ring.

Vetrolin at FarmVet

Vetrolin is the perfect after-workout product to help your horse feel better while you spend time with them. Take a bucket of warm water and mix in the Vetrolin to loosen your horse’s muscles and provide the wind-down time you need before going home.

3. A Healthier Horse

In addition to exercise, diet is an important part of your horse’s health. Take an inventory of your horse’s behavior and health, and think about what you’d like to improve this year. Could their coat be shinier? Can they be irritable when you brush them? Or are they just getting a little older? Supplements can be a huge help in improving your horse’s health in the new year.

dac Oil at FarmVet

DAC Oil is an easy and delicious addition to your horse’s feed. The blend of flaxseed, vegetable, and fish oil helps horses gain weight in these winter months while improving their coat and skin.

Cavalor Gastro Aid at FarmVet

Cavalor Gastro 8 is a great way to help your horse meet their New Year’s resolution of being healthier in 2021. Ulcers affect an estimated 60% of show horses, so help them feel more comfortable in the new year. On top of Gastro 8, we have a variety of ulcer and digestion supplements to meet every horse’s needs. Whether a feed-through or paste is best for them, you’ll find it HERE!

Arenus Steadfast Equine at FarmVet

Arenus Steadfast Equine is a clinically tested joint supplement that has produced amazing results. Not only does it support bone, joint, and cartilage health, it will also help your horse’s overall health especially if they are especially active or are more senior.

4. An Organized Barn

During the cold winter months, take the opportunity to spend time in the barn and clean out your tack room! You can sell or donate items that you no longer use in your tack room. That extra pocket money will come in handy for the new products you want for your horse, and after such a tough year, there are definitely people who would greatly appreciate your gently used items at a lower price! 

EquiFit Boot Organizer at FarmVet

EquiFit Boot Organizer is a lifesaver on so many different levels. Not only is it good for organizing boots, but it can also be used for brushes and bottles. Another amazing feature is the front mesh pockets. They make it easy to see what’s in each pocket and allow your boots to dry completely without getting that wet boot odor.

Blanket Organizer at FarmVet

Chrome Blanket Rack will help keep your aisles and trunks clutter-free! This space-saving blanket rack is a must-have for coolers, turnouts, and flysheets.

5. Clean Your Tack

Our tack is expensive! And it needs to be treated as such! This year, add cleaning tack to your barn’s daily or weekly to-do list. It allows you to check for breaks and keep your tack in good condition, which helps it last longer and makes it look nicer. 

Leather Therapy at FarmVet

Absorbine Leather Conditioner cleans and conditions your leather in one easy step. It also prevents mildew and mold growth on all of your leather.

Belvoir at FarmVet for tack cleaning resolutions

Belvoir Tack Cleaning Spray uses glycerine soap and coconut oil to leave your leather healthy and shiny. It also has an easy-to-use spray bottle to ensure you don’t waste any product.

6. Learn Something New

Check back here to learn more about how you can continue to care for your horse. From show prep to therapy, a wealth of knowledge is key to a healthy and happy horse. You can even start now by checking these blogs that will help you kick off the new year!

11 Types of Equine Therapy to Try in 2021 provides new therapy ideas for many ailments your horse might be suffering from.

Prevent Common Winter Health Issues for your Horse provides information on how to prepare for common health issues such as dehydration, respiratory problems, joint stiffness, hoof issues, weight loss, skin irritation, and ulcers.

Tail Care Secrets will help you learn the best ways to preserve your horse’s beautiful tail.

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