After the 5 AM flat school, multiple warm-up jumps, and an entire division or two, you and your horse are exhausted. But like a human athlete, horses do their best with proper warm-up and cool-down routines. Before you jump into your truck and head back for a much-needed nap, it is important to complete your post-exercise horse care routine. Here are a few products that you can easily add to your routine to ensure your horse continues to compete at its best and experience less pain.  

Topical Pain Relief

Sore-No-More Avoid Pain and sore muscles at FarmVet

After a long day of showing, schooling, and working hard, Sore-No-More has a long list of products that are FEI-compliant and effective. Sore-No-More’s Performance Liniment comes in a spray bottle for a no-mess post-workout relief for achy, tired muscles. It is made of Comfrey, Arnica, and other herbs with a Witch Hazel base so that you can use it on sensitive skin and under boots or wraps. SNM’s Performance Polutice is a great complementary product after an intense workout. This poultice clay is excellent for ankles, cannon bones, knees, and hocks to reduce pain and inflammation. The poultice can be used on its own or underneath, with no bow wraps or standing wraps for added overnight compression therapy. 

Surpass for arthritic pain relief at FarmVet
* Requires a prescription from your veterinarian

For older show horses, arthritis is inevitable. Surpass is an easy-to-use cream that helps alleviate pain and inflammation. It is great for direct application to hocks, knees, fetlocks, or pastern joint pain. Surpass is also a great alternative to oral medications for horses that suffer from gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers, which are more prevalent in horses that compete. You will need a vet to come out and check your horse to see if Surpass is the best option for your horse because it requires a prescription. But you’ll feel confident that this product works after the first time you use it.

Cavalor FreeBute Gel for pain reduction at FarmVet

For everyday sore muscles, Free Bute Gel is a great option. This external gel is made with eight essential oils to help naturally encourage healing. This product helps relax, soothe, and cool when applied. It quickly penetrates the skin to increase blood flow to help prevent muscle stiffness. It can be used for bruises, injuries, and swollen legs. 

Wearable Pain Management

Professional's Choice Ice Boot to prevent pain and inflammation at FarmVet

Your horse’s front legs hold, on average, 60% of their body weight. The extra weight on the front legs makes them more susceptible to injury. Icing after exercising can help alleviate inflammation and help aid in after-exercise recovery. These flexible Ice Boots by Professional’s Choice are an easy addition to your tack trunk. No need to pack ice packs, pick up a bag of crushed ice from the gas station, and fill the elastic pockets. Then, let the boots work their magic while you watch a few more classes or talk to your barn bestie. 

Veredus Magnetik Rug at FarmVet

Magnetic therapy is an excellent addition to your post-show routine that doesn’t require a lot of labor. It can help blood flow and increase cellular activity to encourage the body to restore and repair cells. The Veredus Magnetik Rug has 32 magnetics placed strategically around the blanket to promote healing. This blanket is great for all weather types because it stimulates the muscles while not overheating your horse. 

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