It’s no secret that constant travel for competition ultimately reaches a point where both you and your horse are left feeling exhausted. When you spend most days in a car or trailer, it doesn’t take long to notice the toll on your horse’s physical wellbeing and your own. While we don’t have a secret ingredient to make the endless road trips more painless, we have some spectacular tools from Cavalor to help with the travel trauma!

Gastro 8

Gastro 8 for travel at FarmVet

Horses are no stranger to stomach issues, and neither are humans after weeks of eating fast food on the road. Frequent movement and feeling unsettled can leave your horse’s stomach feeling uncomfortable.

Gastro 8 helps neutralize acid production and heal stomach wounds to support horses suffering from gastric ulcers. This supplement helps protect the stomach wall without damaging good bacteria populations in the intestines by supporting digestive and saliva-producing functions.


PasSand for travel at FarmVet

For our down South and desert dwellers (think Florida and California), we’ve got your sand colic solution! Whether your horse is well-adjusted to the sandy soil or a recent import, PasSand is a must-have supplement to prevent those sudden vet visits.

PasSand helps horses who regularly graze in sandy fields avoid complications due to sand impaction. Psyllium, one of the main ingredients, is effective in treating intestinal sand blockages. PasSand uses a combination of psyllium, inert oils, and probiotics to help remove sand from the intestinal system more quickly than any of these ingredients would on their own.

Resist & Vit C

Resist & Vit C for travel at FarmVet

Before you and your horse hit the road, make sure Resist & Vit C is in your repertoire. Immune boosters are the key to making sure your horse feels their best throughout the entire trip.

Resist + Vit C gives your horse an immune boost in an easy-to-feed powdered supplement. Stress from travel and competition compromises the immune system, increasing your horse’s risk of illness and infection. This nutritional supplement combines high amounts of Vitamin C with fatty acids, herbs, and amino acids to support your horse’s natural immune responses and help prevent them from getting sick. 


MudDoc for travel at FarmVet

Say no more to Scratches and stress during the wet or winter months. If your horse’s legs aren’t used to these weather conditions, it’s challenging to get control of your Scratches problem without outside help.

MudDoc helps combat the microorganisms responsible for skin infections with a blend of essential oils and naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal nutrients. MudDoc also keeps the skin on your horse’s pasterns moisturized and elastic, helping to prevent future infection as well!

Emergency 911

Emergency 911 for travel at FarmVet

Emergencies are never fun, but if you prepare for the situation with the right tools, it’s much easier to handle. Colic can happen at any time, especially when traveling, and having Emergency 911 on hand is crucial to aid the immediate issue.

Emergency 911 helps alleviate colic symptoms and support internal systems in emergencies. This fast-acting oral paste contains probiotics to help strengthen intestinal flora. In cases of colic or other intestinal disturbances, time is of the essence when seeking treatment, and anything to keep your horse comfortable while waiting on a vet can help. This product is not intended to replace veterinary treatment but can help calm gut problems until a proper veterinary consultation can occur.

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Whichever direction the road may take you and your horse, it’s always best to prepare. FarmVet has the tools you need on hand to help with your travel trauma. To learn more about being horse show ready, check out more blogs here. All of our products are available at 24/7, or call one of our friendly Sales Associates at 1-888-837-3626. You can also email your order to