A sport horse at a hunter-jumper horse show, a quarter horse moving cattle on the farm, and a school horse grazing on a very humid day all have one thing in common in the summer. They are SWEATING. When horses sweat, they lose salt and key minerals that support essential nerve and muscle function. If your horse cannot replenish these, it can become a strain on their health causing muscle weakness, lethargy, weight loss, dehydration, and overheating. By adding an electrolyte supplement, you can help restore the nutrients needed for a healthy horse this summer. 

When Should You Give Electrolytes? 

It is best to give electrolytes to your horse when they are under unusual stress. This could be the first high humidity day, a long workout, a trailer ride, or a horse show. You can start to prepare them for the stress by giving electrolytes one to two hours before the event and or after the event. Ensure your horse has access to plenty of fresh, clean water when using these supplements.

Paste or Powder? 

Both paste and powder are great options. The best choice depends on what your horse prefers. Powder is easy to add to grain for those that gobble up their daily meals. If you have a horse that is a picky eater, the paste is an easy way to ensure they get the full serving size needed.

Recuperate at Farmvet- Electrolyte

Recuperate by Hygain will help your horse recover from excessive sweating while being an eco-friendly paste option. This container holds 16 doses that can be given orally or on feed to help increase your horse’s thirst while providing the necessary minerals to encourage recovery. Just keep a 30cc syringe available in your feed room or tack trunk to reduce plastic needed for paste electrolytes.

Summer Games Plus Electrolyte Paste at FarmVet

Summer Games Plus Electrolyte Paste is an easy-to-feed low-sugar formula. Its unique formula is made for sensitive stomachs making it the perfect horse show addition. Throw one or four into your show trunk for one-use ease.  

Apple-A-Day at Farmvet- Electrolyte

Apple-A-Day is a delicious apple-flavored powder that you can add to your horse’s grain in the morning. Keep this in your feed room, and easily add it to your grain when your horse needs help with the summer heat.  

Regain  at Farmvet- Electrolyte

Regain is an everyday supplement to help horses recover in light, heavy or intense work. By simply adjusting the amount you give per day, you can prepare all the horses in the barn no matter what their activity level is.

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