When we think of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, our pets often aren’t the first things that come to mind. But the reality is our BFFs also leave footprints (or should we say paw prints) on this earth. Whether from toy manufacturing or toxic ingredients in grooming products, our pets impact the environment more than you may think. To celebrate Earth Day this year, we want to draw attention to a few brands whose products can help you and your pet do your parts to keep the earth happy.

Pawfectly Clean

Earthbath for eco-friendly products at FarmVet

Earthbath is dedicated to creating both environmentally and pet-safe products. They operate their business keeping the environment in mind at all stages of product development. They have a wide range of products from shampoos and conditioners to wipes and hot spot treatments. Formulated with pawfectly clean, organic ingredients, their products will surely get tails wagging and your companion smelling incredible.

EQyss for eco-friendly products at FarmVet

If you have a horse, then you’ve probably used EQyss products. But did you know they make products for your pets too? EQyss products contain non-toxic ingredients and natural botanicals that boast salon-quality improvements to your pet’s coat. Finish off with the Survivor Detangler and Shine for a smooth finish that will have your pet shining like a star!

Toys to Bark About

Our pups can’t live without toys, nor would we want them to. But the manufacturing and materials used to make many toys take a toll on Mother Earth. That’s where Ethical Pet comes to the rescue.

Ethical Pet for eco-friendly products at FarmVet

Many of Ethical Pet’s toys are created from recyclable materials and even operate out of a facility powered by solar panels. Their line of toys called “Skinneeez” lacks the polyester fill that many other toys brands use. But their most earth-friendly option may be the Bambone Bone and Wishbone. These toys are made of sustainable bamboo fibers and are available in chicken or bacon flavors.

Earth-Friendly Smiles

Yes, we all love when our pups come panting up to us trying to lick our faces… but phew! Sometimes they stink! Dental care is essential for our pups, just as it is for ourselves.

Whimzees for eco-friendly products at FarmVet

Whimzees are an all-natural dental treat made with sustainable ingredients containing no artificial colors or flavors. They are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals and help fight plaque, tartar, and the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Because Everyone Deserves a Treat

Now for the most important section of all (at least that is what your pet would say) – treats! Yes, even your pooch’s precious treats can leave paw prints behind on earth. ROAM treats, however, have changed that.

Roam for eco-friendly products at FarmVet

These delicious high-protein snacks have zero additives and come from free-roaming animals. They are never farm-raised and are harvested through eco-friendly and ethical practices. Available in exotic flavors as bones, chews, jerky, and more, this will be your pup’s favorite part of going green!

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