ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! We hear this slogan all the time, but what does it mean for those of us who don’t have the ability to adopt a dog? More than 3 million dogs are in shelters annually within the United States, waiting to be adopted. But whether you’re in between homes, living with someone with allergies, or simply can’t give the time because of work or school, it’s not always the right time to adopt a dog. So in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Day, we wanted to highlight other ways you can help if adoption isn’t an option for you.

1) Take a Walk:

Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out is a program that allows you to take a dog from your local shelter out for the day. You can go on a walk through town, hike through the countryside, or even have a sleepover with your foster pup of the day.

Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out is a program that allows you to take a dog from your local shelter out for the day. This is a great way to help if now isn't a good time for you to adopt a dog

Doggy Day Out is one of our favorite ways you can give back to shelter dogs for a couple of reasons. The first is that it gives these pups a way to manage kennel stress and burn off energy. The other, and maybe most important reason, is it exposes the dog to the community. Participating shelters will give you a leash or vest with the words “Adopt Me” written on them. This lets the people you pass on your walk know that this sweet shelter dog is ready for a fur-ever home. This is an easy way to show a dog some love but also gives the dog an opportunity to show potential adoptees what a good boy or girl they are.

You can learn more about Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out initiative and find participating shelters here:

2) Send Supplies:

Local shelters are working on very small, mostly donated budgets. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always leave much extra cash for toys, treats, and other things that might help a shelter dog feel more comfortable and loved. To combat this problem, your local humane society and other shelters in your area have wish lists you can shop to send supplies they need. You won’t even have to drop off the donation – Simply call and ask for the best shipping address. You can have the items sent directly to the shelter. It makes donating super easy, and you’ll have made such a big difference in the shelter pups’ lives.

Send pet supplies available at FarmVet to local shelters to help if you are unable to adopt

If you’re thinking of sending supplies, you can shop our pet products here:
Don’t forget to get the best shipping address for your local shelter.

3) Donate Your Time:

For those of you who have a little time to spare, your local shelters can always use extra hands to help clean kennels, go on potty breaks, and help with feeding. Many of your local organizations are run almost entirely by volunteers. They give up time with family and friends to ensure these animals have a clean place to sleep and food in their bowls. Even once a week would make a tremendous difference to your local shelter. It’s also a family-friendly environment. Bring your kids along and show them the importance of giving back to their community.

Volunteer your time to help your local animal shelter if you can't adopt

You can find local shelters here:

4) Tell Your Friends: 

Social media has connected us to our friends, families, and even strangers more than ever before. Liking and following your local shelters will give you the inside scoop on dogs who need a fur-ever home. Even if you aren’t in the market, one of your followers might be. Sharing the shelter’s posts to your story or timeline might be just the thing that gets one of these pups their new home.

Share your local shelter's social media posts with your friends who may want to adopt a dog

Remember – just because you can’t adopt a dog doesn’t mean you can’t help on this Adopt a Shelter Dog Day! For more information on how you can give back, visit the Humane Society of The United States.

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