The first week in May is National Small Business Awareness Week, so we wanted to highlight a few of the amazing small businesses whose products we carry here at FarmVet.

“National Small Business Week 2022 celebrates the resiliency and tenacity of America’s entrepreneurs who are doing their part to power our nation’s historic economic comeback.”

from U.S. Small Business Administration website

It goes without saying that small businesses are an essential part of our economy. Show your support by shopping a few of these FarmVet favorites.

The Multifunction Pros – SleekEZ, StripHair, & Fluff Monkey

Did you know each of these nifty tools was developed by entrepreneurs? These innovative items simplify life around the barn or at home!

SleekEZ for grooming, a small business available at FarmVet

The SleekEZ is a unique tool designed to remove hair, dirt, and dander from your animals’ coats. It is perfect for shedding season, as the teeth gently pull away the loose hair without tugging. The SleekEZ is available in multiple sizes to fit your needs, or should we say… your animal’s needs. Use a smaller size for your cat or dog and the largest size for your horse. You can also use the SleekEZ to remove hair from your furniture, saddle pads, carpeting, etc.

StripHair for grooming, a small business available at FarmVet

The StripHair Gentle Groomer was aptly named by its innovator – this tool gently removes dirt and hair from your horse’s coat, while also giving a massage that helps warm the muscles. Use it to curry, slick, shine, or even bathe and shampoo your horse while increasing circulation throughout the body.

Fluff Monkey for grooming and cleaning, a small business available at FarmVet

According to Fluff Monkey, sometimes the greatest things are born out of necessity. And that is just the case with this little accessory! Use Fluff Monkey for all your cleaning needs – from your horse to your saddle to your boots. Brush off your horse or use it like a powder puff to whiten up those socks, buff your boots, or apply cleaner to your tack. The list is seemingly endless for this accessory’s uses. And to top it off, it can clip right onto your show backpack. Fluff Monkey is run by individuals who believe in giving back to the community, so you can feel good about supporting this small business.

Bath Time and Beyond – E3 & Earthbath

If you have yet to try any of E3’s products, you should order some today. If you have used them, you understand the hype around this company. They carry products for both your equine partners and your canine friends.

Antifungal Shampoo for bathing from E3, a small business available at FarmVet

The E3 Anti-Fungal Shampoo is a popular choice across barns for treating equine skin infections. This gentle shampoo relieves itching and irritation and is fortified with vitamins to promote healthy skin and healing. It works on a large variety of fungal or bacterial skin disorders, making it a wash bucket essential for any horse owner!

Waterless Pet Shampoo for bathing from E3, a small business available at FarmVet

E3 certainly understands the requirement for efficiency in a busy pet owner’s life, which must be why they created the Waterless Pet Shampoo. Use this argan oil-infused product on both cats and dogs to detangle coats while adding shine, moisture, and a fresh, clean scent. It helps prolong the time in between baths and requires no rinsing – therefore, no mess! Shop the full range of E3 products available at FarmVet here to support this fantastic company.

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you’re familiar with earthbath. This small business focuses on creating products that are plant-based, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and… well, that work. Their wide range of products has been trusted by vets and pet pros for over 25 years!

Ear Wipes for pets from earthbath, a small business available at FarmVet

One of the reasons we love earthbath® is because they have more than just shampoos and conditioners. From their Eye or Ear Wipes to No Chew Spray, or Deodorizing Spritz, earthbath has you covered for all your pet care needs. Shop all their products here!

The Grooming Pros – Epona

If you haven’t experienced the magic of Epona’s grooming products, don’t feel left out – it’s the perfect time to get some for yourself! Epona aims to enhance the relationship between horse and rider with products for finer grooming. They hold a great deal of pride in the innovative grooming solutions they have created as a company.

Tiger's Tongue for grooming from Epona, a small business available at FarmVet

The Tiger’s Tongue is a fan favorite for Epona shoppers and equine lovers alike. This unique textured grooming tool can be used wet or dry and has a multitude of benefits. Remove dirt from your horse’s coat, scrub those white legs clean again, buff their hoof walls clean, get rid of sweat marks, and the list continues. An added benefit is the texture of this grooming sponge helps stimulate hair follicles for a healthy, shiny coat!

Shop the rest of the Epona line at FarmVet here!

Treatments, Tack, and More – Kinetic Vet & Walsh

Kinetic Vet was founded by practicing veterinarians to provide clinically tested products at a good value. Sounds like something you could stand behind, right? Kinetic Vet carries a wide range of products, from supplements to critical care treatments.

Equishield SA Powder for allergies from Kinetic Vet, a small business available at FarmVet

Allergies? Don’t fret! The Equishield SA Powder helps reduce inflammation caused by seasonal and year-round allergens. It helps support a healthy immune response, improving overall skin health in horses.

Dermacloth for skin infections from Kinetic Vet, a small business available at FarmVet

The Dermacloth from Kinetic Vet is the new essential for your tack trunk that you didn’t know you were missing. This resealable pack contains soap-free pre-moistened cleansing cloths with chlorhexidine for treating bacterial, fungal, or viral skin infections. Use Dermacloth as a no-rinse bathing solution in the colder weather or to treat skin conditions such as girth itch or rain rot that heal better when kept dry. Dermacloth also contains soothing emollients to promote shine and a healthy coat. This is only scratching the surface – check out the rest of Kinetic Vet’s products at FarmVet here!

Walsh has been a trusted supplier to equestrians for now over 100 years. This small business particularly takes pride in creating quality products that fit the changing needs of the equestrian industry. From halters to protective boots to girths and reins, Walsh has a product you will know is high-quality!

Nylon Breakaway Halter from Walsh, a small business available at FarmVet

The Nylon Breakaway Halter is one of our favorites. This halter is made of durable nylon material but features a leather crown piece for a safe breakaway.

Check out the rest that Walsh has to offer at FarmVet here.

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