Warm breeze, blue skies, birds chirping, fresh green grass…What’s not to like about summer? Oh, wait, the flies. Both horses and owners dread this part of the coveted warmer months. Luckily, there are many fly protection options so we can provide relief for our equine friends. But could it be one of the best protection options is modeled after nature’s own protection mechanisms? This is the thought process behind Horseware Ireland’s Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet.

Why CamoFly?

Research on flies’ reactions to zebras suggests that the zebras’ stripes confuse the files, thus working as a natural deterrent. While they don’t reduce the number of flies circling the zebras, the striped pattern reduces the number that lands on the animals. Some of the flies even seem to bump into the zebras or fly by in a missed landing attempt.

The Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet for insect protection for horses available at FarmVet

This lightweight, hybrid sheet features a monochromatic pattern to resemble zebras’ stripes. Layered black stripes on a grey background break up the outline of your horse so that insects struggle to identify them or where to land. Essentially, the sheet works as a “camouflage” from the bugs for your horse. So not only will the sheet protect your horse from landed flies, but also prevents them from landing in the first place!

Features We Love

Fancy stripes aren’t the only thing we love about the Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet. As with each item from Horseware Ireland, this fly sheet is constructed of high-quality material with a thoughtful design. The fabric is breathable, waterproof, and provides 65% UV protection. Mesh panels run along each side for added breathability, perfect for warm summer days.

The Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet for insect protection for horses available at FarmVet

The disc front closure and three straight surcingles at the belly ensure safety in turnout while providing full-body coverage. The tail flap is extra-long for the best possible protection but deep cut for freedom in movement and ultimate comfort. Finally, the detachable hood allows customized coverage based on your preference and your horse’s needs. At FarmVet, we stock a wide range of sizes available from Horseware Ireland so that you can find your horse’s perfect fit!

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