Fly season might be one of a horse’s worst enemies. The insects are both annoying and can leave behind painful bites and welts. Perhaps worst of all, many insects transmit diseases from one animal to the next. Sometimes, fly sprays just don’t cut it. If you’re looking for more options for protecting your horse from flies, a fly sheet should be on your list. Since there are various options, we’ll break down the differences between some of our most popular fly sheets from Horseware Ireland so you can find the right one for your horse.

Benefits of Fly Sheets

First, let’s discuss more why you need a fly sheet for your horse, and then we can discuss which one might be the best fit. If you’re an avid fly-sheet user, you know how helpful they can be in the summer months. The obvious benefit is that they prevent flies from landing on your horse. Sure, fly sprays might do the same, but some flies get around the repellents. Additionally, fly sprays wear off, and reapplying as often as necessary can become not so “cost-effective” for the entire summer.

Additionally, fly sheets protect your horse from other elements – like sun and rain. Most fly sheets provide UV protection, reducing risks of skin cancer, sunburn, and coat bleaching. Some fly sheets even provide water-repellent properties that keep your horse dry during summer showers. This is especially helpful for horses that live outside or get turnout time in climates where showers and storms are common. As an added benefit, fly sheets can help prevent skin issues such as rain rot or fungus.

So, with all these benefits on the table, how do you choose which fly sheet to buy? Read on to differentiate between them and find the right one for your horse.

Budget-Friendly Options

Horseware Ireland Mio Fly Sheet for Horses available at FarmVet

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, the Mio Fly Sheet cannot be overlooked. It offers full coverage from neck to tail with a soft polyester knit and nylon-lined shoulders. It also provides 95% UV Protection, giving you all you need to keep your horse comfortable and protected outdoors.

Horseware Ireland Amigo Bug Rug for Horses available at FarmVet

The Amigo Bug Rug is another good budget-friendly option with features similar to the Mio Fly Sheet but with more flexibility. The neck cover is removable, so you can customize the coverage your horse needs depending on the day.

When You Need Durability

Horseware Ireland Rambo Protector for Horses available at FarmVet

If your horse is known to rip his blankets (we all know a horse like this), you’ll want to prioritize durability to be sure the fly sheet lasts. Horseware Ireland’s Rambo Protector is the answer in this case. The durable fabric will last years, blocks harmful UV rays, and has a removable neck cover, extended tail flap, and belly cover for complete protection from head to tail.

When You Need Weather-Resistant

Horseware Ireland Amigo AmECO Combi Sheet for Horses available at FarmVet

Getting caught in the rain doesn’t have to affect turnout time! Those summer showers rolling in and out in certain climates are sure to soak your horse occasionally, and if your horse lives outside, you might want to offer them additional protection on rainy days. The Amigo AmECO Combi Sheet is perfect in these scenarios. It has a showerproof lining to keep your horse dry, so you won’t have to worry about rain rot, sun bleach, or flies this summer.

When You Need Extra Repellent

Most fly sheets don’t repel the insects; they simply don’t allow them to land on your horse’s skin. So, if you’re looking for both repellent and protection, you’ll want to choose either of these options:

Horseware Ireland Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose for Horses available at FarmVet

Horseware Ireland created the Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose with No-Fly-Zone Insect Shield. This odorless, dry formula is tightly bonded to the fibers of the sheet’s fabric to repel flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Horseware Ireland Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly for Horses available at FarmVet

The Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly is another repelling option that disrupts your horse’s outline. The pattern creates an optical illusion for flies so they cannot identify their target or land on your horse. Learn more about this clever design here.

When You Want Eco-Friendly

Horseware Ireland Amigo AmECO Bug Buster for Horses available at FarmVet

The eco-friendly implications are a significant benefit of fly sheets we have yet to discuss. Fly sheets provide a way to protect your horse without causing environmental harm, as many pesticides do. If this is one of the reasons you’re in the market for a fly sheet, Horseware Ireland’s Amigo AmECO Bug Buster is the sheet for you. This fly sheet features all the benefits you want, with a detachable hood, extended tail flap, and dual leg arches for maximum coverage. The difference is that it is made from recycled materials, making this fly sheet great for your horse and the environment.

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