Does your horse have a drinking problem? Picky, spoiled, high maintenance… whatever you want to call it, it’s safe to say some horses just are finicky. Whether you’re on the road and the water is slightly different than the spicket you have at home, or they just don’t drink enough in general, one of FarmVet’s newest additions – Gallagher’s Water – could be the answer to your horse’s hydration issues.

What is it?

Gallagher’s Water is an all-natural powder mix that enhances the flavor of water and thus encourages your horse to drink. Those water flavor drops you grab every week at the grocery store? Yep, basically like those, but specially made for horses! Only better because it contains electrolytes for rehydration after workouts or travel. So not only is your horse finally drinking more but their getting electrolytes for better recovery and hydration as well. It can even be used to help dispense medications, or just as a treat.

“We are excited to partner with FarmVet!” said Melissa Mysing, principal and co-founder of EquestriBev, the makers of Gallagher’s Water. “We love how the FarmVet team helps so many owners and professionals choose the right products for their horses. They are so knowledgeable and thorough in their approach. I’ve had firsthand experience over the years shopping at FarmVet mobile units. Their staff is always ready to help out and solve an issue.”

The Latest from Gallagher’s Water

Why does it matter?

It goes without saying that proper hydration is essential for your horse’s performance, health, and overall well-being. But some situations may interfere with horses’ hydration more than you’d think. Some horses drink less while on the road or at shows, which is arguably a time that they should be drinking even more than usual as their workload has increased. Additionally, some horses will decrease their water intake as the temperature drops. I certainly find that I drink less when it’s cold out, and it’s not uncommon for horses to do the same.

Gallagher's Water for horse hydration and drinking available at FarmVet

Dehydration can interfere with your horse’s immune system and can heighten the risk of other problems such as colic. If you notice your horse being picky about their water situation, or if they are drinking less in the colder months, that is the perfect indication to give some encouragement with Gallagher’s Water.

“We are both so excited that FarmVet and their amazing team will carry Gallagher’s Water,” said Dawn Brown, principal and co-founder of EquestriBev. “Gallagher’s Water has already helped so many horses. It gets the water in the horse. Just like humans, horses can’t perform at their best when dehydrated. The winning edge is riding a hydrated horse! Horses love the taste and drink up two gallons in seconds.”

The Latest from Gallagher’s Water

What makes Gallagher’s Water so tasty?

Fresh-cut alfalfa and sugar cubes – basically what horse dreams are made of! This product contains premium alfalfa and cane sugar, providing a palatable, healthy, and show-safe option to satisfy their tastebuds. This flavor will overrule that truck stop stench or the cold weather protests anytime.

Concerned about sugar intake? No problem – this product was formulated specifically for Gallagher, who also is a sugar-intolerant horse. Even though it’s part of the ingredient list, the sugar content of one serving is equal to just 2% of your horse’s daily sugar intake. Developed with sugar-intolerant and EMS horses in mind, it is safe for them to consume too.

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