The Holiday Season is near, and it’s time to get the shopping in gear! Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the top 15 products at a variety of price points to help you find the perfect gift for your western equestrian friend. Read on to check out our gift guide!

5 Under $50

J5 Splint Boots

If there’s one thing any equestrian always needs, it’s leg protection. You can never have enough options, and sometimes the options available are just getting worn out. These splint boots from J5 offer high-quality protection at an affordable price and are available in an assortment of colors.

Rope Halter and Lead

Professional's Choice Rope Halter with Lead for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

A staple in any cowboy’s tack box, this Rope Halter with Attached Lead from Professional’s Choice is designed for the durability of daily use. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s preferences. There’s no such thing as having too many halters on hand, especially when there may be another gift with four hooves waiting to be opened!

Leather Split Reins

Professional’s Choice Ranch Hand Leather Split Reins for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

Reins can get stiff and dried out over time with heavy use and exposure to the elements. For the practical horseman, give the gift of a new pair of Ranch Hand Leather Split Reins from Professional’s Choice. The heavy oil dressing and weighted tails give these reins a great feel and balance, starting on the first ride. Plus, they’re made of top-grain harness leather that will last for years.

Effax Leather Care Case

Effax Leather Care Case for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

Does your new leather need a good clean and condition? Help your friend keep their leather tack healthy with this leather care case! Regular leather cleaning and conditioning are essential for extending tack life. The Leather Care Case by Effax contains all our favorite Effax cleaners, conditioners, polishes, and accessories in one convenient package.

Fun Equine Socks

Whether you’re gifting for someone that spends long days at the barn, in a saddle, or working on the range, socks are one thing they can never have enough of. These Hay and Play Equestrian Socks from Epona are the perfect balance of fun and practical. The blend of cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyester creates a comfortable sock that also stands up to a day in the barn. We love the fun horse motif; pair these with tennis shoes or your go-to stable boot.

5 Under $100

Classic Equine Flexion Hind Boots

Classic Equine Flexion by Legacy Hind Boots for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

You got the splint boots for the front legs, so why not complete it with protection for the hind legs as well! The Classic Equine Hind Boots offer superior protection that is essential for any sport or working ranch horse. The design provides suspensory support and protection without obstructing performance or mobility.

Wool Western Cinch

Professional's Choice Wool Western Cinch for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

This gift may very well be more for the horse than the rider, but can you imagine how good a new, soft and clean wool cinch must feel? The Professional’s Choice Merino Wool Western Cinch is moisture-wicking, non-chafing, and is built to stand up to everyday use. 

Roeck-Grip Winter Riding Gloves

Roeck-Grip Winter Riding Gloves for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

Another essential to check off the list for any equestrian, whether they’re working or just riding for fun. While riding gloves are not common in the western disciplines year-round, when winter rolls around, it’s time for everyone to glove up. Roeck-Grip Winter Riding Gloves provide warmth without any bulkiness or slippery materials interfering with their grip on the reins.

Back On Track Quick Wraps

Back On Track Quick Wraps for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

This is another gift that both horse and rider will be thankful for. The Back on Track Quick Wraps are an all-in-one alternative to traditional standing bandages and are the quickest way to decrease swelling and inflammation in the lower extremities of a horse. With changing winter weather, you’ll be sure to want a pair of these on hand to keep your horse’s legs protected throughout the season. 

Triple Stitched Leather Halter

Tory Leather Triple Stitched Leather Halter for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

The Triple Stitched Leather Halter from Tory Leather is practical enough for everyday use but nice enough for showing. The triple stitching adds stunning detail and wear longevity. This is a halter they will be grateful to use for years to come – as long as you take care of it with a solid leather care system

5 Under $250

Professional’s Choice Leather Skid Boots

Shopping for a reiner, roper, or cutter? The Leather Skid Boots from Professional’s Choice are an essential tool for protecting their horse’s ankles. Daily use means they likely need to refresh their current pair or replace a new pair for the show pen. 

Rawhide Romal Reins

Professional's Choice Rawhide Romal Reins for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

If you want to go above and beyond for the subject of your shopping list, these Rawhide Romal Reins from Professional’s Choice should be on the list. They feel as good as they look with 16 plaits of braided rawhide and attractive accents for exceptional appearance and feel. It’s a gift they might not splurge on for themselves – but will be so grateful to get from you!

Oster Cordless Turbo A5 Clipper Kit

Help their day get a little easier with this set of powerful, easy-to-use clippers. They can use the Cordless Turbo A5 from Oster to touch up before the next show, or to keep the hair coat in check throughout the winter, all hassle-free. This cordless clipper’s lightweight design and non-slip grip make it the go-to barn clipper that every equestrian needs.

Classic Equine ContourFlex Saddle Pad

Classic Equine ContourFlex Saddle Pad for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

This beautiful felt top western saddle pad is an excellent choice for any western discipline or working horse. The Contour FlexSaddle Pad from Classic Equine can be used under show pads, or while out on the range, and will keep their horse comfortable with the cut-out withers and contoured design.

Ice Horse Back Blanket

Ice Horse Back Blanket for western equestrian Gifts from FarmVet

For warmup before a workout or recovery after a long day of working the ranch, this back blanket is the ultimate gift for your equestrian friend. The Ice Horse Back Blanket provides fully customizable coverage with packs that can be used warm or cold. This is another splurge item that one may be tentative to buy for themselves, which makes it the perfect gift option!

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