For some of us, hauling our horses down the road is an often occurrence. Whether headed to a show, a park for some trail riding, or perhaps in between facilities for training, we have our routine down pat when it comes to loading up. For others, trailering can be a more foreign experience, inviting intimidation or even anxiety along for the ride. Whether you’re a seasoned hauler or a newbie, we have a list of things to check off your list in preparation for your next trip.

Getting Set Up

Jacks Manufacturing Trailer Tie for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

Before loading your horse, proper setup is essential for a safe and comfortable ride. Eliminating long lead ropes and complicated knots is a start to ensuring safety. We recommend using a trailer tie to clip your horse in the trailer, which will make life that much easier when it comes to loading or unloading. It also offers you the safety of a quick-release snap. You can choose between different styles including bungee, adjustable nylon, or covered ties for chewers.

Weaver Slow Feed Hay Net for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

Additionally, food for the ride will keep your horse happy. Food that lasts the whole ride without needing refills will make you happy. Slow Feed Hay Nets are the perfect answer. This option from Weaver is available in multiple colors and is just the right size for hauling and at home. The small holes help the hay last your horse longer and promote natural foraging with grazing behavior, further helping your horse’s stomach stay happy on the road.

EquiMedic Trailering Kit for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

Another essential to keep on your trailer at all times is the EquiMedic Trailering Kit. This first aid kit is sized for the road and easy travel but is packed with supplies. It will prepare you for any bumps along the road whether during the journey or once you’ve reached your destination. Read more about these First Aid Kits here.

Time to Load ‘Em Up

Now that you’ve prepared your trailer with the essentials and packed in the rest of your tack, it’s time to get your horse. But pause before just leading them right up that ramp. Are they prepared too? Especially in long hauls, horses can suffer from minor scrapes or rub marks along the way.

Walsh Shipping Halter for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

The Walsh Shipping Halter, available in Black or Cream, will protect their face from any unnecessary marks or poll soreness as a result of the long trip. It is made of Walsh’s triple-stitched, British Havana leather with genuine hand-sewn sheepskin, ensuring long-lasting comfort for the haul.

Some horses like to rest their hind end against the trailer behind them during travel. While this isn’t an issue, it can lead to other problems such as rub marks on their tail or thinned hair.

Professional's Choice Tail Wrap for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

The Professional’s Choice Tail Wrap provides the protection they need to resolve this issue. The unique padded half-cone protects all the way to the top hairs to keep them from rubbing and fraying.

Some horses also manage to nick themselves while trailering, leaving behind a cut on their leg when you unload. Wrapping with standing wraps or shipping boots will help you avoid this risk.

EquiFit Pro Pillow Wraps for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

For standing wraps, EquiFit Pro Pillow Wraps are a great option for hauling. They give the cushion and comfort of a pillow wrap without compromising the superior support of a no-bow wrap.

Get On the Road

At last, you are loaded up and ready to get on the road. Keeping your horse hydrated throughout the trip now becomes front of mind. One thing that can help is Equatic Solution’s Horse Quencher.

Equatic Solution Horse Quencher for Hauling Horses available at FarmVet

This tasty electrolyte beverage adds flavor to the water (along with electrolytes) to encourage them to drink. This can be especially helpful if your horse gets finicky while on the road. Offer Horse Quencher before, during, and after your haul for a healthy, hydrated horse when you reach your destination.

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