Cold therapy or icing is a beneficial addition to any equestrian routine. Icing helps treat and even prevent injuries through improved blood flow and body temperature regulation. Whether treating wounds, infections, soft tissue injuries, or joint and muscle soreness, product options are endlessly advancing for this otherwise simple treatment. Though we carry many different cold therapy options at FarmVet, each accomplishes something slightly different. Let’s break down some of the product differences so you can find one that best suits your needs.

The Basic Necessities

Tough-1 Ice Boot for ice therapy available at FarmVet

The Tough-1 Ice Boot makes the entire process of icing your horse’s leg simple. The boot does not require inserts and has four straps for a quick one-step application. The price point of this ice boot makes it an easy option to keep on hand. It can be used on the front or hind legs with adjusted placement depending on the treatment area.

Stepping It Up

Professional's Choice Ice Boots for ice therapy available at FarmVet

Professional’s Choice Ice Boots are also simple to use, with no extra ice or insets required. They are available as tendon boots or hock boots. These are a great mid-price range option that offer functionality and quality. The gel pockets in these ice boots stay soft and moldable when frozen for excellent coverage and compression throughout treatment.

Jack's Manufacturing Ice Boots Cordura for ice therapy available at FarmVet

The Ice Boots Cordura from Jack’s Manufacturing are a unique option that allow you to ice your horse when you don’t have access to a freezer. Rather than requiring frozen inserts or ice packs, these boots simply use ice. Yes, just regular ice cubes. If you’re on the road or away from the barn, all you need is a bag of ice that you can buy as needed instead of worrying about keeping it cold. Watch our video on how these work here.

Ultimate Therapies

EquiFit GelCompression Tendon Boots for ice therapy available at FarmVet

The EquiFit GelCompression Tendon Boots offer advanced treatment for inflammation by combining cold therapy with compression. After applying the ice boot to the leg, use the hand pump to push air into the boot’s shell. This allows for customizable compression ranging from light to heavy. The gel packs remain flexible and moldable when frozen and can be used to apply heat therapy as well! These boots are also available for knees and hocks.

Jack's Manufacturing Whirlpool Boots for ice therapy available at FarmVet

Rather than compression, Jack’s Manufacturing Whirlpool Boots utilize hydrotherapy to help reduce swelling or heat. These boots can be filled with a water temperature of choice to the depth of choice, then an industrial compressor aerates the water to provide a massaging effect for the lower legs and hooves. Think jacuzzi for your horse. You can add ice to decrease the water temperature, along with other add-ins such as Epsom salts for additional relief.

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