FarmVet is welcoming a new product to our lineup – one that just hit the market. Mackinnon Ice Horse’s Cooling Liniment is a gel formula containing powerful anti-inflammatories to quickly relieve pain and swelling. We have a few reasons why we’re so excited to share this new product with you.

1) Odorless, colorless, and non-irritating formula

This liniment gel is potent and powerful, but thoughtfully created with ingredients that will not cause irritation. Proven anti-inflammatory ingredients Arnica, MSN, and Calendula work to deeply penetrate the area and provide relief for your horse. These ingredients, although effective, are mild on the skin. This makes Cooling Liniment an excellent treatment for sensitive horses who may not tolerate other liniment formulas.

Mackinnon Ice Horse Cooling Liniment for horse recovery available at FarmVet

In addition, the gel is colorless and odorless. This makes application much more pleasant without lingering fumes in the air or stains on your horse’s legs. It is the perfect treatment for the night before showing, keeping your clean-up to a minimum the following day!

2) Alleviates pain, swelling, and inflammation

When you apply a clear odorless gel to your horse, you might feel like it can’t possibly be effective. But in this case, the opposite is true! Cooling Liniment is highly effective in treating pain or soreness. It helps your horse recover after a ride or show and rids of swelling or inflammation that may occur. It is a good option for treating windpuffs and can be used with or without wraps.

Mackinnon Ice Horse Cooling Liniment for horse recovery available at FarmVet

3) Improved circulation and increased range of motion

While Cooling Liniment provides effective anti-inflammatory benefits, it also provides soothing effects for immediate relief. This helps their muscles, tendons, and ligaments relax so they can properly recover. The improved circulation and better relaxation reduce stiffness so a full range of motion and flexibility is restored. Apply it anywhere that is stiff, sore, or bruised including backs, shoulders, stifles, or legs to help your horse move freely again.

4) Cold therapy extender

At FarmVet, we’re big fans of icing therapy, just like everyone else. Whether it’s a rest day, training day, or show day, icing is one of the best things you can do for injury prevention and treatment for your horse. The issue is that icing effects only last so long before the area warms up again or swelling begins to return. Cooling Liniment can extend the effects of your icing treatment, keeping the area cooler for longer, and preventing swelling from occurring. It pairs perfectly with Ice Horse ice boots, which you can try here.

Mackinnon Ice Horse Cooling Liniment and Ice Boots for horse recovery available at FarmVet

5) Use it on yourself too!

Yes, you read that correctly! Cooling Liniment is safe for both you and your horse. We put so much effort into making sure our horses feel their absolute best, but it’s safe to say at times we feel a bit run down ourselves. Try this product on your back, shoulders, neck… anywhere that feels a bit stiff or sore after a long day at the barn. It’s a one-product-treats-all situation!

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