This blog was written by Hannah Palmer. Hannah is an avid Reiner and forever Corgi lover. Working in the horse and pet industry has given Hannah exposure and experience with many different pet brands. Healthy foods and proper nutrition are a priority when it comes to both her horses’ and dogs’ diets. She has been feeding her corgis – Boots and Ryder – ROAM treats for 2 years. Since corgis can be at high risk for being overweight, she discovered ROAM while searching for nutritious, low-calorie treats that didn’t sacrifice flavor for Boots and Ryder. Learn more about why she is such a fan of this company, and discover a few of their newest products.

When I’m picking out treats for my dogs, I always gravitate to the ingredients. I want to know what I’m feeding them before I do. But in that same notion, I like to switch it up and keep some variety available for them. Roam has quickly become one of my favorite brands to choose from because what is important to me is also important to them. Their single-ingredient treats are sustainably resourced from exotic locations to excite your pup’s tastebuds and satisfy all their cravings. We’re talking mouth-watering flavors like kangaroo, ostrich, venison, and more for your BFF (best fluffy friend). But perhaps the best part is the health benefits they provide through their novel protein alternatives to the conventional treats in today’s market.

What are Novel Proteins?

And why should you care? Well, the answer is simple. Novel proteins are sourced from animals other than conventional staples like beef, pork, chicken, or lamb. Some examples of novel proteins are crocodile, ostrich, rabbit, fish, and wild game. Novel proteins have a multitude of health benefits for your pet. Most are much lower in calories and lower in fat than conventional sources and are non-allergenic. Additionally, novel proteins like those from Roam are raised more naturally and humanely, benefiting our ecosystems along with your pet’s health. And that’s something I find easy to love!

Roam offers a large variety of treat options, including different flavors, textures, and benefits. I’ll break them down for you so you can choose what fits your BFF the best.

Treats to Keep Them Busy

Sometimes we need to offer our dogs a treat to keep them entertained. For me, that time is when I’m in a work meeting and my corgis insist I give them attention. What better treat to do the trick than bones – and Roam has a whole variety to choose from!

Roam Busy Bucky Bone Dog Treats available at FarmVet

The Busy Bucky Bone is a venison shin bone sourced from New Zealand. The tough bone is wrapped with delicious smoked meat that is sure to satisfy taste and chew cravings and will keep your dog occupied until it’s gone.

Roam Roo Chopper Kangaroo Bone Dog Treats available at FarmVet

The Roo Chopper Kangaroo Bone is a great option to keep your aggressive chewer entertained. This Outback Kangaroo femur bone offers a friendly grip and tender meaty ends. The rich smokey flavor will keep any dog happy for hours of healthy chewing.

Treats to Show Them Some Love

If your dog’s love language is snacks (like so many others) then Roam knows the way to their heart. While any of their treats will have your dog in love, a few are the easy option for suitable snacks.

Roam Ossy Chews Dog Treats available at FarmVet

Ossy Chews are the perfect healthy snack for your sidekick. These slices of South African cape ostrich are packed with irresistible flavor similar to beef, but lower in fat and cholesterol.

Roam Deli-Prepped Jerky Dog Treats available at FarmVet

For even more flavor options, check out the Deli-Prepped Jerky. These exotic strips of jerky are sourced in South Africa and Australia and are available in ostrich, crocodile, and venison. This is the perfect option to switch up the flavors for your pet!  

Treats to Teach Them New Tricks

Motivation is a key aspect of training, and treats are just what you need to do the trick – delicious treats at that.

Roam Ossy Trainers Dog Treats available at FarmVet

Ossy Trainers are delicious bite-sized, low-calorie treats that you can feed guilt-free during your training sessions. They offer the benefits of novel proteins that provide instant gratification along with the reward of better health down the road.

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