Summer is here, and so is the heat! While hydration is important year-round, summer can make it more challenging to keep yourself AND your horse hydrated. It is even more important to ensure our horses get enough water, electrolytes, and vitamins to replenish what they lose through sweating and exercise. Read on to find the best electrolyte products to keep your horse healthy this summer.

Our Favorite Paste Formulas

Electrolytes in paste form are helpful when you need an immediate dose. They help ensure your horse gets a full serving quickly without risking waste in the bottom of their feed buckets.

Cavalor An Energy Boost Electrolyte Paste for Horse Hydration Available at FarmVet

An Energy Boost paste from Cavalor contains electrolytes and vitamins to prepare your horse for strenuous work. Electrolytes and other nutrients help replenish mineral loss and support tissue repair from muscular activity.  It also contains carbohydrates to provide a short boost of energy. This has become a top choice among FarmVet customers to keep their horses feeling fresh for the show pen.

Oralx Electro Plex Electrolyte Paste  for Horse Hydration Available at FarmVet

Don’t need the energy boost? Oralx Electro Plex is another fantastic option, loaded with electrolytes, chelated minerals, and nutrients, minus the extra carbohydrates.

Our Favorite Powder Formulas

TRM Electrolyte Gold Powder for Horse Hydration Available at FarmVet

If you’re more interested in a powder option to put in your horse’s feed, TRM Electrolyte Gold is a go-to. It contains essential electrolytes and vitamins in a glucose and amino acid base, making it not only palatable but also highly absorbable.

Finish Line Apple-A-Day Electrolyte Powder for Horse Hydration Available at FarmVet

Finish Line’s Apple-A-Day is another palatable option if you’re looking for something with more servings per purchase. It has a tasty apple flavor that horses love and is simple to add to any feeding routine.

Alternative Electrolyte Options

Did you know paste and powders aren’t the only ways to get your horse its electrolytes? There is actually a variety of methods you can use to boost your horse’s recovery from sweat and exercise. 

Himalayan Salt Lick with Rope for Horses Available at FarmVet

A Himalayan Salt Lick might be one of your horse’s favorites. This salt, rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium, effortlessly supplies your horse with essential minerals at their own leisure. It comes with an attached rope to make it easy to hang in their stalls and provides healthy entertainment!

Gallagher's Water Electrolyte and Flavor Enhancer for Horse Hydration Available at FarmVet

Gallagher’s Water is another way to supply your horse with tasty electrolytes and essential hydration. Mix this powder into your horse’s water to create an enticing flavor. It is perfect for picky horses, throughout travel, post-exercise, or even as a treat! It is made from premium alfalfa and is safe for sugar-intolerant horses.

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