FarmVet customer, Anna Burke, let us take a peek into her horse show trunk to give you a look at what her six favorite products are. From grooming to therapy, here are her local show must-haves. 


Grooming Equitone at FarmVet

Equitone Purple Shampoo by Shapley’s is one of Anna’s go-to for the white socks on her bay gelding. 

“The Equi-Tone Whitening Shampoo is, in my opinion, the best whitening shampoo on the market. It really does take out the stains and leaves the greys and whites glowing and shiny. You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or staining your horse’s skin.” 

Eqyss Avocado Spray for Grooming at FarmVet

Eqyss Avocado Mist is an oil-free natural detangler for horse’s mane, tails, and coats. 

“Apparently, avocado is good for more than toast and chips. This lightweight detangler spray is great on my sensitive mare’s coat and tail. It detangles and shines without leaving a slick or oily feeling to the hair. It is terrific on my mare’s sensitive skin to soothe mild irritations like pastern fungus in the summer. And it smells AMAZING.”

Effol Black Hoof Ointment for Grooming at FarmVet

Effol Hoof Polish is a natural black hoof ointment that promotes moisture and strength with a beautiful black color. 

“Effol’s black hoof ointment is the longest-lasting hoof product I have ever tried. It is more of an ointment consistency than an oil, but it goes on easily and stays on for the whole day. And the best part is, it doesn’t dry out your horse’s feet! 


Back on Track Quick Wraps for Horse Shows at FarmVet

Back On Track Quick Wraps are a quick alternative to traditional standing wraps. In just a few seconds, you can put these on your horse to help decrease swelling and inflammation. 

“I LOVE my quick wraps from BOT. They are easy to use, stay on all night, and help with post-exercise recovery. At all overnight horse shows, I poultice, paper, and wrap my horse. This makes night check so much easier for my horse and me! I don’t need him to stand still while I perfect my wraps. Just one, two, three, they are secured into place.” 

Perfect Prep at FarmVet for Horse Shows

Perfect Prep Eq Prime will help your horse feel calm and focused within 90 minutes during stressful situations. 

“I do not leave home without my Perfect Prep. In a bind, I am not picky, but I usually keep Eq Prime on hand. I give this to my young horse the morning of the show, and if she is particularly forward, she might get a second one later in the day. It takes the edge off and just makes sure we both had a wonderful experience.” 

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