At FarmVet, the health of your horses and pets is the most important thing to us. To help you keep your animals in tip-top condition, we are constantly finding and adding new products to our lineup. Whether it’s supplements, tack, supplies, or toys, we have you covered with the most cutting-edge technologies and nutrition available in the industry. Check out some of our newest arrivals that we love!

New-trition and Treatments

Grand Meadows Grand Postbiotic available new at FarmVet

Grand Meadows is not new to the scene of equine supplements by any means. But they have added a new product to their list of high-quality, affordable products. The Grand Postbiotics supplement offers multi-function digestive support for your horse. This product reaches the hindgut, promoting balanced pH levels and proper digestion to support overall immune health. It helps increase oxygen in the blood, improves whole-body stress, and aids in nutrient absorption based on improved digestive health. Talk about efficiency! Just one supplement to add to your feeding routine to gain a whole lot of benefits.

Grand Meadows Nanoflex available new at FarmVet

We also now have NanoFlex from Grand Meadows available at FarmVet. This topical treatment provides non-invasive joint support and relief from joint stiffness, friction, or rubbing via biolubrication. With this innovative product, the molecules are drawn into the skin, reaching the joint capsule where it builds up on the cartilage tissue and restores hydration and lubrication. The efficacy of this product has been proven, and now you can try it out yourself for your horses, dogs, and cats!

Global Medics P-Block Paste available new at FarmVet

As a company largely based around horse shows, there’s nothing we love more than a show-safe product for better performance and recovery for your horse. That’s why we added P-Block Paste from Global Medics. This paste contains herbs and antioxidants to reduce lactic acid buildup. It provides relief for hard-working joints and muscles. Add this to your pre-showing routine to help your horse feel at the top of its game on competition day!

New Protection Finds

J5 Equine Premium Splint Boots available new at FarmVet

Most would argue step one of maintaining your horse’s health starts with prevention. That’s why we’ve added a few new leg protection options. J5 Equine is a somewhat new brand that has quickly gained a reputation as quality leg protection at an affordable cost. FarmVet now carries their Premium Splint Boots and Premium Bell Boots to keep your horse’s legs, heels, and hoofs supported and protected throughout your rides.

Equifit Essential Original Open Front Boots available new at FarmVet

Keeping up with the advancements in horse health and care, we’ve added a few updated classics. The newly updated Essential Original Open Front Boots from Equifit have the same top-notch protection but an even better design. The EVA shell is flexible and anatomically molded to relieve pressure points while protecting against impact. The X-Foam liners are impact absorbing with a custom fit and are removable and machine washable. It doesn’t get much better than that – everything you could ask for in a leg protection boot!

New for Your Pets

Kurgo Baxter Backpack available new at FarmVet

Shopping for our pets is arguably more fun than shopping for ourselves. FarmVet has multiple new pet products, including the Kurgo Baxter Backpack. It is the perfect accessory for your adventure pal so they can comfortably carry supplies, treats, or toys along your travels. It is available in multiple sizes and colors for the right fit.

Kurgo Dog First Aid Kit available new at FarmVet

If you’re an equestrian, you probably have an entire cabinet or tool bin dedicated to first aid care for your horse. But what about your pet? Kurgo has you covered with the Dog First Aid Kit. It is the perfect solution for any dog owner (equestrian or not) to have easy access to a safety kit in case of emergencies. It contains all the essentials to prepare you for anything from lacerations to choking or even poisoning.

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