Did you know your dog’s nose is 10,000 times more powerful than yours? But dogs have 80% fewer tastebuds. What does this mean? Dogs experience much more of the world through scent than we do. Arguably, scent is even more intriguing to a dog than taste. Playology toys are designed to satisfy what your dog really craves, keeping them entertained without the need for fattening treats.

The Science Behind the Smells

Playology Squeaky Chew Stick dog toy with scent available at FarmVet

So, you might be thinking, “hold up, I’ll pass on the smelly dog toys in my house.” But not to worry! Playology dog toys have all-natural scents embedded into the fibers of each toy by what they call encapsiscent technology. Tiny scent particles are placed at a microscopic level into the materials and get released as your dog chews and plays. It is subtle enough that you’ll barely notice it, but your pup sure will! These toys keep them engaged longer and distract them from chewing your tennis shoes, socks, or other smelly household items they seem to love.

For the Heavy Chewers

Playology Dual Layer Bone dog toy with scent available at FarmVet

All Playology toys are made from durable material intended for chewing because, well that’s what the scent encourages. But some are more durable than others, intended for our extra heavy chew masters. If your pup falls into this category, the Squeaky Chew Ball or the Dual Layer Bone are great options for you. Both toys are available in multiple scents, and you can choose whichever size best suits your pal. Our recommendation? Try both, but in a different scent for each to keep some variety in their play sessions. They can happily gnaw away for hours of olfactory enjoyment without your worry of destruction.

Slobber Away – Literally, Away

Playology Dri Tech Rope dog toy with scent available at FarmVet

It’s safe to say some breeds are just prone to the drooly mess, while perhaps yours just gets messy when they’re chewing. Regardless, Playology has you covered on that end too. The Dri-Tech Rope has special fibers that wick away the slobber, similar to that Nike Dry Fit Tee you’re wearing. The bonus here is the durability of this rope – it won’t tear like cotton ropes or leave dangerous strings that could block their digestive tract. You can have peace of mind while your dog has the scent on their mind. And get busy with that game of tug o’ war without grabbing a slobbery toy!

Senior Specials

Playology Silver Dental Chew Stick dog toy with scent available at FarmVet

The time comes in our beloved partners’ lives that their teeth and gums begin to deteriorate. But their playful spirit does not! Playology’s Silver line of toys gives special consideration to our BFFs as they start showing the greys around their muzzles and eyes. The Silver Dental Chew Stick and the Dental Chew Ball have deep grooves that “brush” and clean your dog’s teeth as they play. The material, while still durable, is gentler on senior teeth and gums. The Silver Dri-Tech Dental Rope is an all-in-one toy with slobber-wicking fibers that also clean teeth, are gentle on the gums, and crinkles and squeaks for even more entertainment.

Can’t Forget the Crinkles, Cuddles, and Squeaks

Playology Plush Squeaky Bone dog toy with scent available at FarmVet

Don’t worry; Playology didn’t throw all that extra fun out the window. Your pup can still enjoy those sensory pleasures with the Plush Crinkle Egg or Plush Squeaky Bone. They just get the added enjoyment of yummy scents and slobber-wicking fibers. With all that excitement packed into one toy, these just might be your pal’s new favorite.

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