Before a workout, after a ride, or during recovery from injury, one thing remains unchanged – we want to provide our horses with the best care and therapies available. Massage, cooling, heat… There are so many recommendations for our hard-working equine friends today that sometimes it can be hard to know what to choose when shopping for therapies. So why not choose an option that has all three of these benefits? Icing has long been the choice for reducing swelling or soreness. But Ice-Vibes combine cooling (or heat, but we’ll get to that) with massage therapy to boost circulation and promote healing on an entirely new level. Here are the top three reasons you should have them in your barn!

1. They promote better healing with massage

Did you know icing alone doesn’t promote healing? Icing helps reduce inflammation or pain, which in turn can allow for better healing but doesn’t actually promote it. Ice-Vibes step up the icing game and are designed with massage panels that vibrate. The vibration improves circulation on top of reducing swelling. Better circulation means increased blood flow and more efficiency in carrying oxygen and nutrients required for repair to the damaged tissue, and thus, faster healing!

Ice-Vibes Tendon Boots for equine therapy available at FarmVet

2. More than just “chill” vibes

Sure, when dealing with injury or recovery, most of the time we reach for ice. The benefits of cooling have no doubt been proven time and time again for recovery and repair. But heat has its place as well. If your horse is stiff coming out of its stall or is slow to warm up before a ride, try heat! The Ice-Vibe packs can be heated in warm water and then applied to the legs with massage to help increase blood flow. This aids in loosening up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in preparation for work. A proper warm-up is essential for injury prevention, and these boots will help you achieve just that! Be sure to ice after your ride to help the tendons and ligaments return to their baseline temperature as quickly as possible.

Ice Vibes Cool Packs for equine therapy available at FarmVet

3. They fit multiple joints

There are lots of ice boots available for lower limbs. Ice-Vibes, however, carefully thought through creating boots to fit each joint on your horse. The Tendon Boots are perfect for the lower legs, while the Hock Wraps and Knee Wraps are contoured to fit around the joints without limiting movement. This is not only more comfortable for your horse but will allow for a better fit for maximum results!

Ice Vibes Knee Boots for equine therapy available at FarmVet

Don’t Forget Your Accessories!

Although ordering any set of boots includes all the necessary pieces for use, sometimes we lose things over time. But don’t fret! You won’t have to order an entirely new set just because something is missing or broken. We provide the accessories by themselves for either duplicates or replacements. Whether you’re in need of a spare chargerextra packs, or a cooler for easy traveling, we have you covered. We recommend ordering an extra set of cool packs if you plan on utilizing heat frequently. This allows you to keep a pair ready for heat therapy and a pair for icing at any time without conflict. And if you’re often on the road, the cooler will help you travel with cold ice packs always ready.

Ice Vibes Cooler for Cool Packs for equine therapy available at FarmVet

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